Home Offices

We all want to like our work. Some of us do and some of us don’t, no mystery there. Work, understood as one’s predominant activity and usually associated with some financial reimbursement, tends to often take over what we think of ourselves to be. There are books and theories written on this subject from life…

How is your gym’s ceiling?

Did you notice how gyms tend to have very uniform floors? It is common sense given the amount of equipment that needs to go on them. Some of the fun-designed ones though do tend to make up in excitement through their ceilings. After all, gyms need to be inspiring and conducive of energy and good…

Cottage on the lake, moving ahead

Cottages now, all about a comfortable enjoyment of exquisite landscape, friends and family, bathing and playing Moving towards completion, this particular pavilion is a bold play of colour, fossilized limestone, fabulous antler chandeliers, old country wood counters walk-in fresh showers laundry rooms not left for last and creative lighting

MODERN INDUSTRIAL, 16 ways to use steel doors

Reminiscing an older style and reinventing it in a contemporary context is fascinating. Add to that the mystery of doors, places of passage, offering glimpses of alternate possibilities, worlds to enter or escape from. Each room has a door, each room has a world in it. Whether we rest, bathe, entertain, cry, laugh, cuddle our children,…


‘there is no space outside of correlative environments and experiences’ MARNI

home construction on the way…

Slowly getting to interiors   – building is up but it’s been full of framing and no surfaces for a while.     Walls are up and finishes come together. Flooring shows under the dirt –  this is the only instance where so much dirt is actually acceptable on a floor – by this time…

Remember the phone booth? Chat Loop..

Nostalgia often sparks creativity. Here is a novel take on the phone booth and the whole concept of private talk reinvented in a felt-covered hoodie fun in design at it’s best! and it comes in different colours with “x” stitching, another nostalgia element speaking of crafts, fabrics and hand-made items congrats for CHAT LOOP

Ivy Condos, growth to watch

Wave of Projects Making Their Way To June Community Councils   Included in this group is Ivy Condos by The Sher Corporation and Dream which is planned to rise to a height of 32 storeys on Mutual Street, south of Dundas.   full article HERE    

Condo refurbishment, work in progress

Here is how our adventurous carpet patterning is turning out in this condo refurbishment project! A carpet like this adds a lot of interest to interiors of corridors which by nature, are not that interesting. While this is not for a minimalist soul, it has an appeal that I find makes for quite a playful…

Personal Energy

Daily personal energy is limited, use it with care!   your mind would appreciate it and will pay you back! summer is great at recharging creative batteries. Live life in the sun, nothing like that spotlight!