2023 Retrospective, ‘My 2 Cents On…’ Open Your Mind

To navigate the complexities of life it’s crucial to stay informed, be open to new ideas and perspectives, and keep an open mind . We can never really expand our knowledge mindset if we aren’t challenging our own beliefs and views. Ask the big questions, explore a different point of views, and never stop learning.

On reinvention and true innovation

Innovation is driven by an aspiration to improve on existing products, services, programs, while reinvention is driven by a desire to create something entirely new.

“We look at and judge everything presented to us as novel through the prism of biases, personal tastes and experiences and cultural upbringing. In its instinctive form, human nature favours realities and concepts that fall under the familiar realm and rejects those that are too distanced from it.”

Mental health in condos

Much can be said about the benefits of condo living. Less property means more time to enjoy hobbies and socialization. Being where the action is, dense downtown centres are cultural hubs close to restaurants, entertainment, and more. Most of all the community aspect of a shared living space.

“Condos are tight-knit communities, a world in themselves, where often the people who have time to be concerned with neighbours’ wellbeing are spare. Yet their lives are bound by financial ties, geographic proximity, and the intimate use of shared amenities as an extension of personal space. From the point of view of an urban family, this is as tight knit as it gets, minus the genetics.

Input-process-output theory of metamorphosis – how creativity transforms you into something new, part 1

Creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation.

“Creativity contributes to brain health by maintaining brain plasticity. More than that. It is not only important to individual health but to the development of successful societies. It can eliminate prejudices and social disparity, and it can create meaningful human bonds.”

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