2023 Retrospective, Three small random excerpts with big impact

We often take for granted the little fragments of wisdom that pass us by here and there. This is an homage to thoughts and learnings we gather on our path. We can then choose to use or dismiss, but either way, we all have bits that touch us and make us different from one day to the next.

Ultra-luxury the superlative of design

Living well often means living above the norm. When that norm constantly changes, it’s a chase – trying to keep up.

“Luxuria was the term ancient Romans used to express their disdain towards sinful excess and reckless living. By the seventeenth century, the term permeated the English language, and since then, it has evolved in many different forms to a point where today, if you hadn’t noticed, every home and every design, if not luxurious, is bad design.”

Mental health co-working tips

Change yourself, not those around you:

“With work at home, simultaneous exposure to life outside the office has posed the most challenges for many. The dissonance between the type of activities of family members differs from the continuous workflow in an office environment. By adjusting your tolerance and familiarity, inevitably, one becomes less sensitive to it and eventually, with a little bit of help, adapts.”

First humans were colour-blind

Nuances are as powerful in interior design as they are in emotions;

“Humans perceive all visual stimulants as a whole, and the lack of one does not make as much of a difference as you think. When working with visual deficiencies, I’ve learned to be bold in colours such that I achieve higher contrast, more varied in textures to achieve tactile differences, and more detailed with patterns to acquire an interest in form that compensates for colour. A nuance of colour or texture can often translate into a nuance of emotional intensity.”

Images courtesy of Dochia Media

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