Face it, we all have one disorder or another

So why are we not using them more to our advantage, and how can we change that?

Let’s find a creative way of looking at the struggles we have by readjusting ourselves to normal parameters – as if that is all there is to it!

There are many historical examples of serious disorders that proved God-sent to the people who had them. Barring the true and extreme pathological disturbances of mind and body that, in fact, block your functioning, a lot of disorders are, in fact, a competitive advantage.

High-spectrum OCD – an organized mind.

Attention deficit – excellent stress level controllers.

Synesthesia – fabulous experiences.

Constantly rectifying and adjusting yourself to fit the norm that others are may not be the best for you. Own your neurodiverse brain, learn the positive parts of it and how to maximize them. We all say that we are how we are and that we should embrace it.
Why, then, the reluctance to follow this mantra so rarely?

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