Beyond skin wellbeing, health, and the wheel of life

How did Wellbeing and Wellness come about? Without proper understanding of their beginnings and awareness of their evolutionary path, they will only last as much as a frog’s breath between its hibernation cycles. Here is a short but relevant timeline of what wellbeing was, is and will be, forever.

Health was simply a part of everything else.

Prior to Hippocrates positing that humans are, in fact, somewhat in control of their own health, prehistoric societies had their own take on preventative measures. Not every human life was viewed the same. Our ancestors believed in the importance of the health of the few and were heavily reliant on the whims of Gods to secure their wellbeing.

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This is a fragment from the Land of Dochia Monthly Focus series, first published in Land of Dochia, Issue #4 (monthly digital periodical)

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