Input-process-output theory of metamorphosis – how creativity transforms you into something new, part 2

What we absorb through activities of the everyday is, in great measure, conducive to what we produce as human beings. Be that work, or conversations, or expressions of various emotions, or artistic endeavours. All these “things” represent our contribution to the world around us, and their perceived quality has a tremendous impact on our well-being. In other words, if we feel satisfied by what we produce, we live a happier life.

And one of the most satisfying experiences is generated by imagination. The pleasure of coming up with great ideas is unlike no other.

Not only as grand gestures in art, science, culture and technology but also in the little things that are part of our rituals of living, like setting up dinners and placing a chair in one new spot because you feel better sitting there than elsewhere. Small gestures like this are even more overlooked than creativity itself.

Where is this coming from? … See part 1, from July HERE.

Consider these three universal truths – at least my universal truths – 


There are only a handful of ideas, truly core ideas, that can generate new forms.


Everyone has them – but not everyone sees them – and they are all related to life around us.


Uniqueness is a repeatable, systemic result that comes out of coincidences, conjuncture, the particularities of bias, and the boiling waters of the times and technology.

Image by marish

Your capacity to tap into these truths has tremendous power, and the best way to do it is by managing your “intake.”

Neuroscience tells us that as we do not use part of our brain synapses, certain areas atrophy. Our brains do the work themselves via a process called synapse pruning. This physiological reality also supports the fact that the more routine-like your activities are, the less you stimulate your brain, letting it shrink. Needless to say, this is a downward spiral that you don’t want to get on. The answer: expose yourself to more, defamiliarize yourself a little everyday to keep your brain plastic, adaptable, and always moving.

This is the lifestyle model of an input-output theory. It relates to managing this relationship between our intake of information, experiences and emotions on one side and what we produce with it on the other. 

So embrace this amazing truth that one of the most powerful resources to stay healthy and happy resides right there, inside yourself and tap into it.

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