The Big Easy, part 2 – When does it get easy? Does it ever?

The one question that we all ask – mostly of ourselves. Having it easy seems to always be of the past or some distant future. A distant future where we assume that after we perform many tribes and tribulations and do them properly, things will eventually pay off, and the easy time will come.

But present time is all we’ve got, and waiting is not the best choice to spend it.

In The Big Easy, part 1 – I wrote about the danger of a to-do list that takes you nowhere because every to-do list assumes you have time to do – what you’re setting out there.

The challenge is not organizing what you have to do. It is making the time to do what you want while being able to let go of what seems to be important – but it’s not.

Here is the million-dollar tip!

Instead of focusing on completing a task in a given time, reverse your thinking. Give yourself a limited amount of time to do as much of a task as possible. In most cases, completion is self-defined. So redefine it.
While at it – four points to consider are…

Passion over chores

Priority should always go to what you’re passionate about. I give my best brain cells to that. What does that mean? Give your optimum time of the day to it. Is it the morning? Then make it happen. Night? Afternoon? Whatever it is, figure out what you need to do to make that happen. Be realistic… you won’t carve more than an hour or two for it – but that, times seven days … you get the drift.

Chores should be split up into time-driven bits

Do not aim to wrap a huge chunk up every day. Not because you cannot but it will completely eliminate other things from the equation. So if you want to do more, split the chores into time units. One hour. What can you do in one hour – is the question. Not – there is too much to do in one hour! You do it, then you stop. Mid-way, if need be.


Be efficient, negotiate hours and location of work, and make sure you love your job. I’m not here to give you career tips – this one is on you! But I can tell you, you can make this fit your life rather than the other way around.

Fun and the rest

We all say we want it, yet, sometimes, we’re just too exhausted. This is where point two is essential. That’s a big one where you can draw some energy from and ensure that every day – yes, every day -you do something that you think it’s fun, enjoyable or whatever you want to call it that gives you instant pleasure.

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