The Big Easy, part 1 – Since I gave up doing my to do list, things got easy

The amount of books that promote the value of lists is unsurmountable, and they still pile up one writer after another, telling you how to take the time to put it down and then follow through. What time? You say. I barely have time to shower, when can I make a list and then also get the things on it done? There is never time; that’s the problem.

Someone, please tell me how to get more time, not how to make more lists! Have you been under this line, the line under which the bare minimum is getting done, and nothing else sips through? If yes, then ditch the list. Well…, at least the all-encompassing, let’s do it all, categorized, a prioritized and organized list that never gets smaller and, on the contrary – always gets longer.

By now, you should’ve realized that and either gave up or kept at it like Sisyphus pushing the stone up the mountain, hoping that the day will come when he will not have to do it again. Did it ever come? Why do you think it will come for you then?

Here is what I’ve done instead, and it worked for me and still does!

Do not let yourself be bothered if what you’ve planned to accomplish for the day did not get done. Set up multiple timeframes; don’t aim to do something in the day; also aim to do something in a week.

The week unit is great because no matter how little you do each day if you look back at a week, there is quite a bit done – if you just take the time to pay attention. A month is just too large of a timeframe to make sense. So stick to the week and make sure at the end of it, you look back and give a pat on the back for all the things you did and just – forget the ones you did not! Trust me. Do not linger. They do not matter. At least, if you did this right!So how should you do it right?

Well… it’s a longer conversation, but for starters, here are a few points… see part 2, coming up later in July

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