MH, Vol1 – Baroque music improves focus and concentration. How did it come about?

Baroque choral music developed in the 17th century during the Baroque Era, specifically between 1600 to 1750. In the church of St. Mark in Venice, Giovanni Gabrielli created polychoral music of multiple choirs with various voices and instruments.

Constant pulsation through the pieces was a vital aspect and an essential reason for its currently discovered mental health benefits.

Scientific findings from two different continents separately concluded that there is a correlation between this type of music and the mental capacity to concentrate.

That is because a tempo between 50 and 80 beats per minute can relax and reduce the alpha waves in our brains. Sometimes called Berger waves, these occur naturally and are increased during a state of idleness as the music slows them down and our power to concentrate on the task at hand increases.

This is a fragment from the Land of Dochia Monthly Focus series, first published in Land of Dochia, Issue #1 (monthly digital periodical)

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