SHARING, Monthly Focus

Winding up the hill in the fairytale of winter where forests filled with the chirp of sparrows line up the long, asphalted roads peppered with few cars and happy ski-goers heading for the slopes, the pure, unadulterated experience of nature only slightly adjusted by humanity, not enough to pollute but good enough to get us around. This was then; a generation or two ago.

Fast forward to now, bumper-to-bumper ski-lift line-ups follow the bumper-to-bumper drive up the hill through what, luckily, still stands as a beautiful forest.

We like our forests close, yet tend to ignore the woods afar

The thing about fairytales is that they are not like our forests. We tend to love the ones from afar much more than the ones close. That’s the hidden road to sharing a better planet.

This is a fragment from the Land of Dochia Monthly Focus series, first published in Land of Dochia, Issue #1 (monthly digital periodical)

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