Keeping a little sparkle going in the relationship between you and your house

Like with any kind of relationship, when things are too familiar and uneventful, things get stale. The culprit? A phenomenon called hedonic adaptation.

If you look at your kitchen for a long time and you’re there all the time, you will likely not notice its beauty, no matter how beautiful it is. Having mini-adjustments continuously done so that the sparkle is back is as essential in your home as it is in your relationship.

Change up those cushions, paint that kitchen, style up a new shelf or buy beautiful curtains. They all can give you that jolt of a new outfit you carefully choose in a story and can’t wait to wear it the first time.

When the symbiotic relationship between you and your home gets a sweet little design boost, a connection is jolted as well. The act of purchasing that decor, that pillow, figuring out the paint and seeing it done all contribute to what is called selftropy™: you identify yourself a little bit, and a little bit closer, with your new room, letting it become part of yourself.

Image via Unsplash

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