TRENDS 2022 Design Retrospective

Interior design is one of the greatest modes of personal expression. Over the past few years people have spent more time at home than ever before. In turn, they have started to hone in on their personal aesthetic, and create rooms that feel right to them. By focusing on the pieces that bring joy, colours and textures that contribute to a peaceful space, and functional living, we can create interiors that truly feel like home.

Trends can be a great way to breathe new life into your space, and you can choose how much you want to implement a specific look in your own space. Trends certainly come and go, and determining which we choose to  implement in our designs requires a thoughtful analysis. As a designer I’m always browsing magazines for the latest and greatest, trying to find the beauty in the showcase of interiors, culture, fashion and architecture to fuel inspiration.

Read on for a few of 2022’s top design trends as showcased in spaces designed by Dochia Interior Design.

relaxing spaces through a layers, textures and soothing tones

Make your bedroom a relaxing oasis! The bedrooms designed for the Erin Glen community in Caledon is the epitome of a tranquil sanctuary. The soft hues of the feature wallcovering wall an canopy bed are reminiscent of a luxury hotel.

Image by Chris Harrison Photographer

Curved lines

The luxurious furniture and sophisticated details make this condo lobby feel like an elegant, high-end hotel. The intentionally detailed circular ceiling feature amplifies the beauty of this simple yet elegant light fixture. Other elements with smooth edges are placed throughout the lobby in furniture, millwork and lighting, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

When designing a space that people don’t often linger in, it’s important to create visually interesting focal point. From fun to pristine to elegant, the impact statement is what counts and sets the mood for the space.

Image by Chris Harrison Photographer

More marble

Feature walls can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. As cliched as that sounds, getting one for yourself is not as complicated nor costly as you may think. What you need is to create visual balance by using the art technique called composition.

Much to be said about patterns, whether found in natural materials or digitally created. Natural stone is a true showstopper, no matter what the application is. Not for the shy at heart. All is true – they are fabulous! Despite their appeal, sometimes they’re hard to integrate.

Image by Chris Harrison Photographer

Colours and Print

The punchy, bold look has certainly made a comeback and for many has replaced the ‘all-white’ look for a bathroom. This funky, colourful tile is a showstopper in a  guest bathroom. It lends itself as a slightly more fresh and modern take while fitting in well with the midcentury modern architecture of the home.

Image by Peter Sellar

Bringing the outdoors in

Situated in this spectacular setting, the new country home is placed well enough high on the land to allow for beautiful vistas into the landscape. To make the most of the surrounding lush landscape floor to ceiling windows wrap around most of the living room walls

Materials and finishes are inspired by nature. The dark floor and sparse materials carry on the theme of the country home. The finishes layer subtly creating a pleasant and warm effect. High-end pieces such as this chandelier are spread throughout the home to add a hint of luxury to each space.

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