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As the final month of the year fast approaches, we tend to take a look back on our personal lives and reflect on all the events that took place. Did we achieve that oh-so-precious work-life balance, learn to cook a new go-to dish or reach that health goal we set at the beginning of the year? Analyzing these experiences helps us determine how we can improve in the New Year by determining what worked and what simply did not.

Taking on that same reflection mindset, we wanted to dive into what articles our readers found the most interesting, entertaining or informative of the year. What makes writing so rewarding is knowing our readers value and connect with the content we produce. Here are the top 3 ‘Get The Vibe’ articles that you, our readers, engaged with the most:

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A cottage is a home, with your body in mind
We develop bonds with our homes that are important to consider as we shape them. The places we occupy, the permanent ones or temporal, the cottage, the hotel, the tent under a starry sky, they all shape who we are and who we will become.
You will always be able to acquire a new property, but you will never be able to get rid of that which is yourself. That is, what a home should be from now on.
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Intimately yours  setting up the perfect Valentine’s day

The thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is intrinsically intimate, and now we live in as intimate of a world as our generation will ever have. We spend peak time with ourselves and our close family. And this day is a celebration of our increased closeness and intimacy with those that are close to us all the time, which, sometimes, we may take for granted.

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How to live together with a teenager the 20/30/50 rule

Teenagers, sociologically have a strength that is seldom recognized: they are highly capable of meaningful contributions to help those around them. The cognitive and emotional changes in a teenagers’ mind are priming them to be an effective support to others. The fact that they take pride and self-satisfaction from it warrants that we allow them to act, to be heard, and to help.

We know now that giving is a great mood lifter used in therapy and adult coaching for depression and trauma counselling and, less dramatically, simply for enhancing wellbeing. Giving has more impact on teenagers since their brains are so much more impressionable. It is a fantastic antidote to their own anger and other negativity that may incur and, potentially, a healthy way to navigate this tricky life phase.\


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