Three things to look for this holiday season that make gifting yourself or others a pleasure

With the holiday season just around the corner, the stay-home crowd will naturally think of gifts and shopping, cooking and house decorating, outfits and social visiting schedules. As you approach it, you better start planning some things ahead. Time goes so much faster between November and January, does it not?

Considered by many the lesser side of gifting, how you wrap and present your gifts is often downplayed or downright neglected. For years, I’ve been as much at fault with this as others. There seems to never be enough time to tackle this properly. Until I discovered that selecting from the many options to wrap and present your gift can change the entire perception of that one object that you may be passing along. Then all of a sudden, it’s worth investing just a tad more time to get things right.

Spare no effort in packaging

Surely this is not a new thing. Take clues from high-end retail, and you’re halfway there! All the high-end stores put no spare effort into the wrapping. The bagging, the thin silk bows and the glittering threads. The soft, red, velvet pouches that close with the slightest click and are elegant and upscale in themselves.

Nowadays, with online shopping, anything is possible. Even to get your hands on that perfect, one-of-a-kind pouch, yet sold by the dozen! 

Plan your outfit

Think this through whether pj’s or out of this world or Oscar-ready approach. One always underestimates the moment after the gifting. Once the gifts are unwrapped and out in the open, the excitement of the moment flush with joy, things do not have to be over. That talks, the cheers, the conversations, all of them can be better if you look better. 

Choose your setting

Under the tree or not, in the home, hotel, restaurant or even out and about on a walk, the gifting moment and setting can take a surprise to a whole new level. Take note of light levels, your position in the space, choreograph the moment and make it one to be always remembered. 

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