Accidentally on purpose

The fascination with what comes out of a creative brain is endless. Consider thoughts that are floating on a river of information, a populated river, next to an equally populated highway. Sometimes they slowly brush against each other, sometimes they downright collide, like guests at a party; or rather unlike at a party, the most elegantly dressed woman of the night may bump into the splashing tire of a water park, complete with laughing teenager, shorts, and flip flops and all. That’s the power of the creative brain. Anything and everything in the same river, ready to jump at you like fish out of water and form itself into something new.

Thoughts are all creative and all useful; among them, popularity rules as much as it rules among people. But prevailing over their social counterparts, popular thoughts have the unquenched freedom of hanging out with the lesser crowd.

Like the unpopular ones. Full of chores, unpleasantries and morsels of disjointed rejections. Little grudges. Small ambitions. And yes! Envy. That little b..tch just bugs us when we don’t need it.

As a creative being, I’ve put the years and learned; lived the dream, and got high on glory; got the business calls and established my footprint; but at the end of the day, what I still enjoy the most, is the utter bliss of having my own neurons crossfire in ways that still surprise me.

While I enjoy the work, it is not the clients for whom I naturally generate surprising solutions that hold me whole. It is being unbound by norms and that which we see all too often; for what is the purpose of creativity if not to amaze beyond what is generally delivered by the daily press and the natural occurrence of everyday living?


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