Time’s a waste! Change your home and boost your brain power

 What is there to think about when you thought about “things” for more than half a century? What is there to buy when you bought all that you need? Where is there to travel when you’ve travelled everywhere. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve wondered about these, the answer is … plenty. And if you think otherwise, your brain needs realignment.

There is a growing common recognition that our mind deserves much more attention than we gave it all these years past. It comes out of fear of premature brain deterioration as we age and the domino effect of that on overall health. Thus we focus on ourselves. It comes from the need to be cared for and not having anyone to do it. Thus we build robots to keep us companionship and get our pills when we don’t remember. What else can there be done? Try Selftropy™

Selftropy is an effective method to gain energy and stimulation and realign yourself by simply controlling your home environment. It’s been around for twenty years, and in the context of the current focus on all things brainy, it is getting momentum like never before.

Think of it this way: does your body stop at the skin? No. That’s your physical body. Your mind goes so much further beyond. It assimilates what is exposed to through the senses. It stores and recalls things past that are not in existence anymore, yet, they do exist in the mind. It generates imagery and inner reality for things to come. It is an enclave of resources, power and well-being.

It’s been proven that change and stimulation are good for your mind. Selftropy now has defined how you can do that strategically and effectively in your home. Here is how you can reinvent and stimulate your mind by adjusting your surroundings slightly and periodically:


Don’t eat your meals in the same place

Get out in that garden or balcony in the summer, use the breakfast table, use that dining room, don’t let it collect dust and let yourself indulge in guilt-less tv-dinners every now and then. Heck, if it were not for hand- free, a snack in the car is great, especially on road trips.

Place objects collected on trips in your cone of vision and enjoy them.

When you stop seeing them, move them to another part of the house. Yes, you will stop seeing them at some point. more on that later!

Design by Dochia interior design, photography by Julia Bewcyk


Buy new cushions once a year

Get on with the trends. Being in the trends with small accents in your home connects you with the reality of style around you. Magazines, stores, and news outlets are populated by the next thing. Staying current and bringing that into your home makes you relevant to yourself. And there is always room to find something that you like. No trend is geared toward minorities; all trends are geared toward all.

Use seasonal decor

This one is economical, as you can definitely reuse the objects periodically. Christmas dishes for December, greenery in the summer, rust blankets as the fall sets in. Don’t forget to put them away when the season ends.


Set up home rituals beyond the socially identified ones

Go beyond the dinner meal, the holidays. Set rituals for you to enjoy by yourself, like the Thursday night candle-lit bath, book reading or TikTok browsing with a coffee. Take the time to enjoy rituals with your partner, like deliberately setting time aside for chatting when you get home from work over tea or wine. When you actually sit down for 10 minutes and just do that, catch up.

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