Light clustering trend reaches new proportions and how to bank on it

One of my favourite design trends that have deeply penetrated the market is using pendants in clusters. While it’s always been a “thing,” lately, it’s really taken off to the point where more and more lights are already designed as clusters themselves.

The beauty of pendants is that, unlike all their cousins that have to stick closer to the ceiling or the wall, they are loosely hung by threads or rods of all kinds. This elevates them from a simple light source to an adornment object. Suspended mid-air and visibly present, much more than a single-hung, they shape the way you perceive the space more than you know.

They are floaters in-between surfaces, in the frame we occupy as people. They are in the realm of furniture, but not really because of their placement.

And that…!!…puts them in our cone of vision unlike any other interior object in the room. If you understand this and use it, then the sky is the limit!

Best options to consider: cluster lights off-center to the kitchen island – you will see how the glow of the room changes versus the traditional aligned row of lights. Place a couple of mini-pendants hanging next to a sink instead of the typical wall light. A dynamic shape-driven arrangement next to a reading chair in the corner of a room can be a showstopper.

Don’t get me wrong; traditional arrangements still have their merit. Having a light above your dining room table will never go out. From the candle on the centre table to the chandelier above, gathering around for dinner had always happened under a light. This dinner light is special. It’s not for putting on makeup; it’s not for checking things out. This light is part of the conversation; it is the mood setter of the room. By selecting the fixture and how much light it gives, you only look at part of the issue. If you embrace it all and question the placement, the hanging height, and the number of pieces, you get yourself a special mood going!


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