Home vibe – what it really is and how to positively resonate with your home, part 2

Home-lovers and house-users are two kinds of homeowners that look at things very differently.

The home-lovers cherish their homes dearly; the house-users have a non-emotional go-about their day, move tomorrow if a better gig appears type of sentiments. There is nothing wrong with either; however, if you’re in the house-user camp, something is to be said about losing some opportunity here for a better self.

From a design point of view, there are rules that relate mind to matter, and as soon as those rules are tapped into the right way, the right ‘vibes’ can potentially be constructed. (read Part one HERE)

Research, particularly in the early 2000s, has focused highly on the relationship between self and the environment. Little did we know that come 2019, all of this will be heavily tested in our home-bound life.

Photography by Derek Story via Unsplash

A positive mindset is the motor of a lavish lifestyle. But what is vital to a positive mind, and how can you achieve it through controlling your home environment?

Lack of stress, physical health, and not last, a history of positive outcomes in your life that fuelled the conviction that things can, in fact, be positive in your life. If your life has been bogged down by adverse events, likely, your trust in things turning out well for you in the future is less than for someone that had things go their way.

Here is what you can do in your home to help with that:

Define it. Figure out what it is for you that matters. Set yourself up for it. A room, a chair only, the whole house. As long as you have one spot where you’re comfortable, that will be your pod!

Photography by Profelis Aurata via Unsplash


The importance of clutter is an entirely under-researched area. Each of us has a specific tolerance for it. The density of objects around that are in sync with the person – in other words: I believe that there is an optimum measure of clutter that one finds comfortable, and if you go in either direction on the scale, the space loses that connectivity.


Photography by Petr Sidorov via Unsplash


colour, smell, noise

Love what you see. Smell what you love. Hear only what you want to hear!

Do you see a pattern? Once you sync your senses, your natural senses, to the space, you’re in the jive and in the vibe! So float!


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