Home vibe – what it really is and how to positively resonate with your home, part 1

Home vibe is not a myth. It is controllable, measurable and real. As obvious as this may be, the less obvious part is the strong dependence between vibe and meaning. Science may not have quite all the tools set up, but the foundation is there, and the data is available. When lawyer and philosopher Tam Hunt and psychologist Jonathan Schooler developed The resonance* theory of consciousness, they posited that everything in the world vibrates, including people and that these vibrations* resonate at different frequencies. 

Hunt and Schooler went on to posit that all matter is just vibration of “underlying fields,” and as soon as they thought of frequencies, another concept sneaked in: that of synchrony. And that’s where things became interesting.

Photography by Meagan Carsience via Unsplash

Hunt and Schooler suspected that ultimately all matter is in motion and that every physical object, including you, is vibrating and oscillating. The more synchronized these vibes are, the more complex our connection with the world around us and our consciousness more sophisticated. In the “resonance theory of consciousness,” they posit that synchronized vibrations are central not only to human consciousness but to all of physical reality. 

“All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating,” Hunt writes. “Even objects that appear to be stationary are, in fact, vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies.

” When different oscillating things are close together for a time, they begin to vibrate in sync. That applies to neurons in brains, fireflies gathering, the Moon and Earth, and much more. This phenomenon is called “spontaneous self-organization.” Synchronization is a kind of physical communication between entities. 

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Having two physicists as parents myself, I have been exposed to a way of thinking that lurked at the borders of science and imagination. I’ve been taught that the best science, in fact, comes from imagination, not data. Data only follows. First, we imagine it, and only then can science corroborate; Then, combined conclusions like, for instance, the fact that movement in anything alive is primarily the very essence of its being alive are possible.

For centuries, a plethora of fields and theories have evaluated and occupied themselves with dissecting and connecting space and matter. Aesthetics, neuroaesthetics, Gestalt theory, phenomenology and ecopsychology are only a few, and the list is very long.

Image courtesy of Dochia Media

So why the fascination with this subject if nothing is indeed there? Why did recognition and validity follow so slowly once small proofs started to bud out everywhere? Part of it has to do with applicability, the conversion of observations into usable facts. Into a method of “vibe-constructing” that follows the science and existing school of thought and applies them all to define a new way of living. One that is tapping into this potentiality, one that can be easily democratized and accessible, one that is felt at the level of the individual.

From a design point of view, there are rules that correlate mind to matter, and as soon as those rules are taped into the right way, the right ‘vibes’ can potentially be constructed. 

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming up on July 16th!

Photography by Subvertivo via Unsplash

*Terms: vibrations are a type of back and forth motion that occurs around a balance point; resonance is defined as a type of motion characterized by oscillation between two states.

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