3 Lifestyle Trends for Summer: confidence, self-care and incompleteness syndrome

My top 3 picks for this spring: Confidence at ease gets everyone smitten, Bite-size home self-care democratizes design, and incompleteness syndrome turns into a positive mantra

Incompleteness syndrome turns into a positive mantra

Most things in our lives are on the go. Seldom can we see a chapter fully closed and when we do, that probably isn’t the most interesting chapter we have anymore. Our attention focuses on the next thing. We all get more excited with projects on the go. They have an enticing potential that the closed ones don’t.

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Reflecting this phenomenon, patterns and design take on the unfinished look to new refined heights. Forms that can continue yet are stopped like this aqueduct-like bench by Pietro Franceschini are fascinating. If you’ve ever seen an aqueduct live, they look like restful and quiet remains of a magnificent culture, majestic and incomplete fragments of a fascinating story. A story of a civilization that is in part, our own personal story. Almost like the ancestors we all have.

Confidence at ease gets everyone smitten

Confidence is a power to crave if you don’t have it and a great asset to cherish if you do. If you exude with it while at ease, you’re bound to like who and where you are in life.

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Global angst has now diminished and we figure that, since we’re still here as a species, might as well get on with it and be as assertive as we can be.  What I’ve been practicing and now we see entering more and more in design is the confidence of shape, colour, and mass,  a simplicity almost monolithic that is so strong. Being in the storm of things has never been filled with more positive connotations. Anything is possible because we are comfortable everywhere in our own skin.

Monolithic shapes and colour-blocking stand as a representation of this trend. You can see it in interchangeable furniture where it’s all about the shape. It can be a table, or a lamp or a decor piece, the piece can morph into any object. In kitchens, this perfectly combines easy practicality with the aesthetic of the times. Bold colours have always been a sign of confidence thus having them permeate every aspect of interiors is as natural as it can be.

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An important part of taking care of yourself is giving your home a small make-over one corner at a time. You do not have to rely on big bold moves to make a change. Sometimes things as easy as arranging a shelf, or the tabletop can give just enough joy to last you a day. And one joy a day is often all you need!

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