A cottage is a home, with your body in mind

Having a cottage comes with endless drives in and out of the city, the established efficiency of end of weekend cleanup and, naturally, the inexorable pleasure of alternate living in different yet equally familiar environments.

Heidegger’s Dasein concept offers excellent insight into why that is. Simply put: being in the world does not mean you’re an observer that sees things from outside; instead, you are immersed, deeply entangled in personal and everyday experiences forming interactions that perpetually occur. You do not exist without them. People are tornados moving through space and time and mixing together what they encounter on the way. Like them, we swirl up and wind down, at no point isolated, at no point singularly present.

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We develop bonds with our homes that are important to consider as we shape them. The places we occupy, the permanent ones or temporal, the cottage, the hotel, the tent under a starry sky, they all shape who we are and who we will become.

What makes the best cottage? Picturesque views? The right furniture placed in the right spot? Breathable bedding absorbant of the scent of flowers?

There are many types of cottages globally, as many as people. Each memory, each dream is censored by technical laws of construction and freed by powers of desire. It is woven into layers of meaning, forming ourselves within and outside ourselves.

Cottage by the lake in rural Finland | Image courtesy of Dochia Media

Merleau-Ponty went on to say, “In so far as I have a body through which I act in the world, space and time are not, for me, a collection of adjacent points […]. I belong to them, my body combines with them and includes them.”

You will always be able to acquire a new property, but you will never be able to get rid of that which is yourself. That is, what a home should be from now on.

Matamata, New Zealand Hobbiton movie set for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit | Image courtesy of Dochia Media

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