The mirror house – women and their homes

If I were a house, what kind of house would I be?
What would I look like, and how would I feel?

A deep berry door, like cherry cheesecake lipstick, would kiss my girlfriends hello
And they would enter with laughter and untold stories
Spilling out and exploding with joy.

With every step
My velvet floor would hold the sole of their barefoot walk
As they comfortably gather around

Image courtesy of Dochia Media

Cognac-leather chairs and plush couches would be my arms as I hold their purses and amazing bodies.
My air would be filled with the wisdom of their beautiful souls
And the abundance of my dinner table
Will fill them with happiness and health;

And as they look outside,
To the beautiful quietness around us,
They understand
What makes us great
Who gives us joy
Who shares our love
What makes us women.

Happy international women’s day!
Image courtesy of Dochia Media

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