A healthy house in the age of global sickness, part one

First and foremost, a healthy home needs to be a pleasant environment. That simple.

As your wings to society are tied up, and your home is your entire universe, how happy are you with it? For some, homes are the womb of daily living, while others consider it just a house. Whichever camp youʼre in, there is no better time than today to assess your shrunk physical world.

Having a fulfilling personal purpose and maintaining relevance is the yellow brick road you should not stray away from for too long. Experts say healthy living includes anything from a good diet, plenty of light and exercise to having enough friends and being loved by family.

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Present across all species in nature, homes have an essential purpose. For an individual, they represent shelter, safety, comfort, belonging. In society, they stand as beacons of status or lifestyle choices. The epitome of great homes is finding that perfect combination of multiple details that add up to a physical extension of their occupants.

From the right colours to the right scents to enough clutter and a pleasant sound, the feeling that gives you joy and personalized practicality allows you to best function that makes your home a great home.

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Think of your home as an environment with regenerative powers where you want to relax, recharge, rest, enjoy the presence of family and indulge in hobbies. You invite others over to share your home and habits, the food, the backyard and all else you choose to offer.

Unlike other built environments, in our house, all activities we choose to do aim to make us feel better and positively reset us. We never seek things that make us feel bad.

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Since homes should be in direct symbiosis with us, they fail when filled with negativity, struggles, vice and problems. They crumble and decay, a sickness of their own from viruses passed on by its occupants.

That’s when they need healing in order to heal us. I believe through design, this healing can start. Stay tuned for part 2, Living in a Dochia home.

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