If you build your closet right, you will have an instantly – organized front entry

First impressions will always be first impressions. If you’re lucky enough to build a home from scratch, don’t leave those impressions to chance or the whim of a snappy decision on site. Think it through carefully on paper, make it shine through superior finishes and a-typical detailing, and you’ll get a gorgeous entry that will always be clutter-free and ready for unexpected guests.

Design by Dochia Interior Design | Photography by Chris Harrison

Here is how I did it in this beautiful home: as you enter into the foyer, on your left you have everything hidden. Clad in seamless walnut veneer, you will find the front closet behind it followed next by the laundry chute and further down, the powder room. Such bold moves can really clean up a space. I say the smaller the space, the bigger the move should be! Plus you can then play with it like here, where its heavy mass is set in dynamic contrast to the open-riser stair. Seasonal décor and a round oriental rug are carefully placed, much like jewellery, and the three-sided fireplace divides and unites the living and dining rooms at the same time.

Design by Dochia Interior Design | Photography by Chris Harrison

Another problem common to front entries is that they are often too close to a living space. By being innovative, you can integrate all these areas in a harmonious way.


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