My Top Five New Year Resolutions for 2022

Resolutions work for me! I suggest you try it out! In the first 49 years of my life, I kept none. As my 49th year started, I decided to make a few and guess what! it worked out.

Does that mean that I have not accomplished anything in the years past? Of course not. But out of the few reasonable and decent resolutions that I’ve proposed to myself last year, some have come to fruition in a nice and satisfying way. And that’s enough.

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Resolutions are not meant to be a burden or set some sort of existentialist mark that, if not achieved, prove that you had failed in some cosmic, unredeemable sense.

On the contrary, they are supposed to boost you into actions that you wish to pursue and more importantly if you don’t really get to quite all, you can simply drop it or move them to the following year. So then why bother? I hear you ask.

Because it is a well-known fact that the power of intention is a strong positivity booster and if nothing else, it lifts your mood higher up. As a result, the chances of you accomplishing more things than if you did not set those resolutions is higher. It does not mean that you will necessarily accomplish the resolutions themselves. In fact, according to a study by psychologist Richard Wiseman,  out of the 52% of people that set up new year resolutions only 12% succeed in keeping them. He says that two of the key moves to succeed are to set specific goals, not too general, and get past the doubt that you can achieve them. Basically, don’t overthink it and don’t overestimate yourself.

Here are my top 5 resolutions for 2022, in hierarchical order:

(read here to find out why hierarchy is important in setting your resolutions)

#5 Just live

Don’t overthink, just do it. This is definitely too general.. but it does feel a bit like a mantra, so I decided it will be my 2022 pick-me-up mantra of the year.

#4 Go back to Italy

With travel at the point that is today, it is likely that this is a possibility. Why Italy? Because that country holds a special place in my heart. During my brief time living in Rome, I was fortunate enough to experience a Mediterranean lifestyle that has no equivalent anywhere else.

There is a lot that I’ve learned about contentment and longevity. It is there that I started to structure my days into morsels, some larger and some smaller yet all acknowledged as part of a fulfilled day.

I believe that the success of a well-lived life is the perfect combination of accomplishments, relaxation, learning, overall personal satisfaction and a sufficient amount of lending your time and self to others that need and want a part of you while you borrow, respectfully, a part of them. That intertwining of relationships in one’s life, a sort of multi-level social integration is imperative to a healthy self.

#3 Renovate my kitchen

As an interior designer, it is only natural to want to live in a house designed by myself or at least renovated by myself. While certain parts do not look too shabby, some are in dire need of a refresh – kitchen being one of them.

Image courtesy of Dochia Media

#2 Read one fiction book a month

For all the readers out there, this is probably too little. For all the ones that do not read, too much. I used to be in the this is too little club and then, somehow, as I started reading more and more non-fiction, the time to dive into other worlds on pages changed to diving into the worlds on tv.

Movies are great, but they will never give you that visual and emotional universe that only your mind produces as you read words on paper.

#1 Finish writing my first book on Selftropy

Selftropy™ is a psychological state that occurs when a person completely fuses with the place that they are in. It is a concept that I’ve developed and while it’s been years in articulating exactly how it works, it has been at the basis of my design method for over two decades. Read up more about it at

And with this, here is my last and most important call to action:
don’t think. just do.

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