Detox power 102 – Reading nooks are a healthy and affordable alternate to meditation | Part 2

Unlike popular belief, you do not absolutely need meditating to relax, and you do not need meditation prior to reading. Because of course, like a busy adult that you are, you have no time for both. But you can, in fact, use reading instead! of meditating.

Reading takes a lot out of you if you do not know how to control your thoughts. To be able to focus on what you read means that your brain needs to be vacant of all the “to do’s” that have a way of lingering and polluting your mind.

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As much as there are industries perfectly setup to monetize on the seemingly indispensable meditation, you should consider ignoring all that and going to the roots. What does meditation do and why you need it? It offers a relaxation that is much needed for all the said reasons above. If you accept this, then you can find your own form of relaxation.

Yes, for those who enjoy meditation they can continue doing it and that’s great. But for those who enjoy reading and cannot fit both, best is to figure out how they can substitute one for the other and start by setting up the right spot in the home.

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If you did not set up a reading nook yet, and if you’re one of those humans that always wishes for more time to read, consider looking back at the twelve months that are just closing, the ones during which you did nothing to pursue this and for crying out loud! have a go at it in the next twelve. You may be surprised at the health benefits!

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