2021 A Year In Headlines – My Personal Retrospective

What is personal? What is not? This past year has been challenging at drawing the line between the two and, made everything, even the bites that were not, personal.

Selftropy and the extended self

It is with great humbleness and awe towards those who, before me, wrote about space perception and health, that I introduce you to my very own theory of space. Selftropy™ is a concept that I’ve been working on for a while now and that I apply in my interior design practice. As I finally settled on the name this year, watch for more on this in 2022!

My YouTUBE channel is live

Adriana Mot, interior designer at large

Stage fright is real. It is something that happened to me, like to so many others. As a child, I was mortified, terrified of being on stage, of being in front of people. Well… those days are gone. While I’m far from being a pro, I’m definitely comfortable with it all by now. As I started with segments that are actually, quite personal, I realized that videos can be a wonderful medium for me to unravel my thoughts and knowledge in the form of stories. It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing my world with you and I can’t wait to make the time to do more. And who knows, maybe in 2022 I’ll be a pro!

Writing is more than therapy

Having written regularly a blog a week… well… with minor, very minor exceptions…, and covering up lifestyle topics and all things design, I can say that the adrenalin that one gets from crafting a great story is almost as high as from crafting a fantastic interior. Sometimes it even surpasses it. Pastime is what life is, and you better think it through before wasting it. How do you know you’ve got yourself a winner? By realizing that you want to keep doing it…

300% increase in social media audience overpasses best case scenario predictions

Yes, you got it right! Across all my personal and professional media, we have more than 8,000 followers now that enjoy and happily consume our digital content. It takes a lot of energy, structure and passion to be able to churn out this amount of information that people actually want to access and enjoy. All I can say is… I love it, and will continue doing it! Thank you all for following ❤️

Setting yourself up for mobile virtual travel in a static world

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a substantial amount of time browsing the travels past, a world that revealed itself more potent and inspiring than ever. While I can’t wait to take on the globe for real again, there is something pleasant about rehashing past travels from the seat of your couch.

50 going on 50

What more is there to say? Big milestones, big shoes to fill, big goals to live, big aspirations to have, big happiness to experience.

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