How to make most out of your morning ritual when you share the bathroom with your partner PART 3

Consider separating the water closet

If your partner needs to rush in for a few seconds while you’re at the sink or in the shower, this is, mentally, less of an interruption. With the WC out of the way you can also do a lot more with the bathrooms design like spread the rest of its elements and decorate the walls without worrying about this somewhat odd-looking piece of plumbing.

Design by Dochia Interior Design | Image by Dochia Media

2-person shower

If there is room for a ‘his an hers’ shower, even if within the same enclosure, having two niches or a long one is as convenient as the double sink and for similar reasons.

Image courtesy of Dochia Media

The element of surprise

And last, add to a bit of a spa feeling by placing a surprise element in the space. Like an early modern or a mid-century chair or any other bold statement piece.

Many hotels and spas rely on this easy trick to make the bathroom feel more luxurious. It is not about how often you actually use the chair or any other whimsical element you choose to place there. It is about the sheer pleasure of having it and how the presence of an a-typical item puts you in a better mood as soon as you go through the door.

Design by Dochia Interior Design | Photography by Chris Harrison

Since the private bathrooms came into existence in the 16th century, they’ve evolved from places of hygiene and simple grooming to our own personal, mini-spa. With serene finishes or sometimes drama, they offer us the one daily bliss that no other space of the home does. Pay attention to yours and your days will get better.

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