The truth about how EMF in your home is connected to your health

Electromagnetic fields, known broadly as EMF, are regions of atmosphere where each point is affected by the Lorentz force. The force is magnetic and acts upon electrically charged particles accelerating them as a result. Both the electrical field and the magnetic force have a kinetic effect on the particles.

Now does that not sound like there is a lot is going on in the air around us when we’re close to an EMF source?

Magnetic levitation train – the fastest passenger train currently in service | Image courtesy of Dochia Media

According to the World Bank, approximately 87% of the world’s populations is exposed to EMF through the use of electricity and various gadgets. Granted, they are all what it’s called non-ionized sources – as opposed to UV rays and X-rays that are ionized -, there is significant research pointing to the fact that, yes, there are correlation between long-term exposure and various mental health problems.

The physical effect observed in the experiments was a change in the human nerve system and as a result, mood and sleep disorders have been detected.

Despite studies that point towards a direct correlation between EMF exposure and neurological and psychiatric problems, it is easier to ignore data that is still, somewhat peripheral in terms of general interest, and focus on the positives of technology. One big positive of technology is that like with any virus, there is a cure… eventually.

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In your home, you can have the benefits of both, the equipment that is so inherent to our modern way of living, and the protection you should probably consider.

By incorporating EMF neutralizing elements in your environment, you can lower your exposure by redirecting some of the particles toward the neutralizing element instead of your body. Most have to do with magnetism, more specifically, para-magnetism. A gadget in themselves, these devices can be plugged into your typical home power outlet. They are as inconspicuous as the actual EMF fields themselves.

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How effective are they? Only time will tell. But erring on caution, with the amount of time that we spend in our homes, even if only to sleep in it, I would any day opt on adding on a potentially healthier option.

In this case, being on the testing part of science is the better course rather than waiting for hard scientific proof before doing something. After all, some of these changes take a generation to collect indisputable data and that is clearly, too late for me.


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