Detox power 101 – Reading nooks and what the hype is all about | Part 1

Cleanses, weights-lifting, yoga classes, detox, purging and facials are just some of the perfect fixes for an adult crappy day. And for the lucky some, reading nooks just may do the same.

That is, if you’re into reading. It does not need to be a book. It can be a tablet. Should you be into reading? Heck yes!

Reading in children and elderly is encouraged because of the fantastic benefits on brain development and brain maintenance. The adulthood in-between is often left out because of the family-raising, house-settling and the pursuit of a career. Yet this is the exact crowd toward which all the self-help books are directed.ย  Because they need them!

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This is the crowd that is often overwhelmed by chores and always short on time, and can use a little pick me up as long as they figure out how to fit it in in the perpetual time crisis of their lives.

The trick is not to pursue this activity in a tv-watching or entertainment-ready spot of your house. If you have enough of a house to spare an armchair, there is something about it that makes this prone to a different kind of relaxation. The kind that’s up to par to the yoga class. Gymnastics of the mind that is in tune with a certain position of your body and that renders a certain bliss that otherwise would not come upon you.

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Think of a basketball game or a dance class. The swirls of your body, the awareness of your muscles, the pre-thought of your next move, all torrentially filling your veins with that rush of positive emotions.

That’s what reading nooks are about. They are not really about the book. They are about the sheer fun of being in sync with your body and mind via a “channeling” book and through a designed mini-pod setup. This is the immediate environment acting as extension of yourself, an environment that you occupy, embrace and immerse in with your mind and your body.

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