How to make most out of your morning ritual when you share the bathroom with your partner, part 2

Sharing a bathroom with a partner does take some work. So how does one make the most of a shared one? If you find yourself in this situation, here is the best way to set it up or, renovate.

Two sinks are a must

They not only allow to use yours at any time as you please, but you don’t have to worry about how messy you and your partner are. It’s not fun to be at either end of the scolding. So just keep things separate, this is not one of those sharing is caring scenarios.

Bathroom images photography by Chris Harrison | Design by Dochia | Top left corner image courtesy of Unsplash

Re-think your storage options

Not everything needs to be placed in your vanity or the in-wall medicine cabinet. There are so many more options. At the expense of a narrower vanity, consider two built-ins left and right of the double vanity. This gives you plenty more space in the form of medium-depth storage that is easy to reach as you stand in front of the sink. Pay attention for the door to swing toward the mirror and if your bathroom permits, extend the built-in down and out from the vanity as well.

Design by Dochia | Photography by Chris Harrison

Stay tuned for part three in November to find out the rest!


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