How to design cities and homes for avatars and robots and why should we consider this

“I’ll be darned if I want to do this again. It’s a pain and I hate it!” If you’ve ever thought that about anything, this is why we need robots.

When faced with the choice of doing things we like versus things we do not like, we all, without exception, would rather choose the ones we do like.

The first time I really got that was when I became a mother and I, unfortunately, failed to develop an extra head and a few extra pairs of hands and feet. Oh, how I wished for those! I wanted a mini-me, or a few, that knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it and actually did it! I wanted a mini-me that would do things before I thought I need them and present me with a fully crossed-out to-do list. All greens and no reds.

ahhh…. (this is me deep-sighing since, of course, it did not happen)

Photography by Andy Kelly courtesy of Unsplash

While that would’ve been neat and dandy from one point of view, I think the price tag of replacing my wardrobe for such a complex “me” would’ve out-shadowed the benefits of the octopus-like being that I longed for.

I would however opt for a robot any day!

My robot will be called Anairda. She will know the path from my hamper to the washing machine and will have all the folding moves down. I would make sure I design a beautiful laundry room for her so that she can tell me how wonderful she feels when she does the laundry. I don’t want to upset her after all, that would put me in the worst mood.

She would get her own mini-car, because she would not need a full size, and drive to the store to get my groceries. The car would be self-drive and pre-programmed to all the stores of my choice. This way she can get the meat from the butcher, the bread from the baker, the fruit from the market, and anything else from wherever I think I want. I would never have enough time to do such selective shopping but Anairda would have, and not only that, she’s would happily do it!

Because driving would be a breeze with all the auto-features and staff at the store would be super-friendly because they have automated help to help my automated friend. Robots helping robots, people helping robots, and robots helping people.

Photography by Xu Haiwei courtesy of Unsplash

My home and the city would be filled with readers and scannable, inconspicuous enhancers. They would be placed carefully among the other objects that we are so accustomed to and would weave a parallel reality pathway for robots.

The stores would be designed with sensors at each aisle that Anairda would communicate with directly thru her computerized brain. They will instantly tell her what’s in the aisle complete with the precise location of the product, the cost, and the weight. So not only that she will do my shopping but will stay within budget!

With a swipe of her anthropomorphic finger, she will pay at the cash register and head home just in time to be plugged in for the next round of chores!

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