Games night at home and how to let the kids win graciously

Letter to the parent who wants to  set a perfect games night


time: any Friday night of your choosing

place: once upon a home, in a house full of laughter and joy

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Dear parent,


This one will be an easy one. The kind that you need a stiff drink for and a lot of soft, comfortable pj’s. A round games table, preferably fluffy chairs, and a good mood set by homemade pasta and ice-cream dessert. Great lighting and music as you please. Correction: as ‘they’ please.


Overstuffed bags of working worries left outside the door, rained upon by summer showers while music blasts inside and your kids pick game after game in a never-ending swirl of fun, ignited by the elevated adrenalin of one win after another.


The joy of love through the happiness of others is no small feat.

It’s even nicer when the others don’t suspect your whole purpose is to make their win feel authentic. And truth be told, it takes 40 something years for this to become a true joy of adulthood and for some parents – it never is! Competitiveness has a funny way of messing with you either-or: if you win and the kids are sad, you feel bad or play again. If reversed, you have to fight off the sting.

So face it, you have to let go. If you really think about it, letting the kids win is the best scenario!

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