Blue is the new black and 10 things to do with it

If you have not seen it yet, look again. Blue has entered the market and is here to stay for a bit longer.


Unlike the stark black, elegant, yes, but unforgiving to dust and fingerprints, blue offers a surprise – especially the darker one.


Together with green, blue is one of the colours abundantly found in nature. More than that, water and sky are in fact some of the most powerful elements as they direct weather, mood and nourish life on earth.


It is not surprising that under the pressures of the pandemic we’ve turned our attention, subconsciously or not,  to one of the colours that we bond with the most.

In antiquity, this beautiful colour was praised in the form of the Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious stone with deep, dreamy blue tones. Egyptians believed it had the power to give you immortality and open the heart to love. They produced what it is believed to be the first blue dye dating back to over 6000 years ago and they are credited with the invention of the blue pigment eponymously called “Egyptian blue” or cuprorivaite. Need I say more?


And since then, blue has penetrated art, fashion and design in all its forms.


Ultramarine,  Cobalt blue, cerulean, indigo, navy, are nuances that we now revere in and carefully choose when we look at wall paint, wallpaper, cabinetry or accent cushions.


While you agree with this or not, psychological studies found correlations between people who favour this colour and personality types. Blue-lovers are more likely to be introverted, confident, calm.


Experts also tell us that blue is non-confrontational, often associated with calmness and peacefulness. It is highly possible that this association is linked to its natural connotation mentioned earlier.

10 things to do with blue

And now instead of travelling to southern destinations where ocean and sky give us the recharging many of us periodically need, we’re now instead, bringing the blue into our homes -here is how to do it right:


1. A den is a perfect room to reinvent and use bold colours – blue is a wonderful choice
design by Dochia interior design

2. Kitchen islands, decorative hood vents are fabulous to take a risk with even if you use a less intense and more greyish blue

design by Dochia interior design

3. For the more risk-tolerant, go for a full-fledged kitchen. It is not as adventurous as you may think and, contrary to popular belief, it will not go out of style. Blue is too much of a classic to allow it.
the kitchen at one of our suppliers – Stone Tile

4. A couch in the right family room is calming, soothing and a royal pair to golds and rusts. A decorator’s dream in composition possibilities!

design by Dochia interior design

5. Decorative objects can really make a room pop. Blue glass is timeless

6. Even though blue seems to be one of the most un-appetizing colours according to studies, dishes that have blue in them have surprising popularity. Think Tuscan, southern France, English garden party. That will never go out of style

photo by michael-dziedzic through unsplash

7. Many like the nautical themes but not all of us have a house in the Hamptons, but that does not mean that we cannot replicate its feeling of serenity, peace and relaxation. Blue is definitely the colour to work with for all of the above!

photo by heather-ford through unsplash

8. Flower arrangements may not be what it comes to mind yet there is nothing more potent than the power of life in a vase, so fragile and beautiful at the same time

photo by jez-timms through unsplash

9. When in doubt of what rug to place on a hardwood floor, blue is one of the best colours to go for. It goes well with all neutrals you plan to work with and it goes well with all the pop colours you plan to work with


10. Don’t forget about the accents. From a small book to a statue, to a candle holder and even a deliberately placed piece of jewellery, blue is there to go with most of the other colours. Think of all the wonderful combo’s you could make! blue + orange; Blue + grey. Blue + burgundy; Blue + white; Blue + gold .. which one of these, or other, is your favourite Blue combo?

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