The three things that we should not give up any one day of the year

Ever wondered how some people are able to keep a schedule and repeat the same rituals every day? The kind of rituals that are poster-ready, the kind that you would want to have because through some weird and magical connections if you do that, you will achieve some elevated sense of self and accomplishment?

Well, that’s great and dandy, but what about your own rituals that you already have?

We concentrate so much on changing what we have going that we actually don’t pay attention to what that is.

Bombarded by advice and without properly assessing where you stand, you may feel compelled to taking them under the false belief that you actually need them.

I bet if you take a moment to reflect on this, you will find that you do have certain things you yourself do already that stand for your own daily imprint on your own positive sense of self.

Here are the three things to never give up:

1. Your most favourite daily habit

Recognize you have it, don’t dwell on how good or bad of a habit it is, unless of course is something damaging.. but assuming a non-damaging, perfectly valid, possibly even quirky habit – hold on to it if it makes you happy and make sure you give your time to it.

2. Stretching

Yes, there is a lot of talk about exercise but for those that can’t really get to it, the minimum you need to do is stretch. Stretch while the coffee is brewing, or for 2 seconds in front of the mirror while you’re brushing your teeth.. however minimal and doubled up on another activity, just do it.

3. Connecting with at least one friend a day

We often neglect friends when we get busy. There is a spiderweb-like structure of people in our lives and the ones at the extremities we don’t reach unless we have ample time to travel out from the center. But as we have less and less time, we contact less and less people. I’m guilty of this myself as anybody else.  Sometimes when busy, even a text, an email, a call, a visit, anything … can feel like a burden. Don’t let it.

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