Three tips for spring cleaning to avoid a spring-long chore

Spring cleaning is one of those love/hate activities that you dread on one side, yet can’t wait for the after-effect.

It does not compare to cleaning the mess of a filled to the brim sink. As much as that is intimidating and at first glance, much worst, it is actually a small task by comparison. With the sink you see the whole picture and the pleasure of self-gratification is relatively quick.

Spring-cleaning a home is a chore that takes days, sometimes weeks and requires a good amount of planning in terms of energy, resources, tools and time. Cutting corners ends up in either bad cleaning, or incomplete neither of which are easy to deal with if you’re someone particular about how you do things.

How well should you clean a room? Do you wash every switch plate and doorknob surround? Those messy little things that you never get to throughout the year?

At spring cleaning time the lucky ones are the ones with a small house and open concept lifestyle. The countless doors, stairs, hallways and the so many bathrooms that so many over-sized homes have are time-wasting dust collectors that become extended chores at springtime.

Here are three tips to make this easier and faster:

Tidy up and throw out first
Get rid of everything that you do not want to have. Some things are just ready to go so get them out before you clean anything

Plan it all ahead
Give yourself sometime frames and relate them to rooms or tasks. If you just start and keep going it will feel never-ending and guaranteed, you will reach that point when you will say the heck with it, I’m drawing the line here! (Like no electric plates this year!)

Prep healthy supplies

My rule of thumb for good household cleaners:

“If you can drink it, then it’s safe to clean with it.”

At major cleanups especially when you go thru every nook and cranny of your house, you do not want lingering chemicals resting everywhere for you to inhale day and night.

Even though we live in a pro-health era many cleaners still have certain levels, albeit reduced, of toxicity, most given away by their scent. Stay away from those and consider making home cleaning supplies. Could be a fantastic little family project with your kids!

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