Outdoors are the new indoors


Biggest lifestyle trend for 2021 will be getting out and styling it like there is no tomorrow.

When out of hibernation and back into the greens, spring will bring with it the much-awaited access to the great outdoors. Lawn chairs and fishing rods may do the trick for some, but for others, guaranteed, the game will need to ante-up.

Image courtesy of Olga Serjantu through Unsplash

Outdoors will be the new indoors. And the three essentials that come with it are a great barbeque area, sun and shade spots and a fabulous flower or vegetable garden – whatever your green poison is.

And since work at home is here to stay, an outdoor work area will be the add-on of choice for those that like fresh air and can perform their tasks in the wind.

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I’m working now on an exciting indoor/outdoor room concept and will share with you soon. For now a great shade and comfortable chair will do the trick.

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And don’t forget to place yourself such that you enjoy the best view of your garden. A stimulating view while while in front of the computer is my signature move and a great tip for a great office.

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