2020 / the biggest crisis of our life time?

Is 2020 the biggest crisis of our life time? Possibly. And hopefully!
I certainly am not looking at having another major negative event that is bigger than this one!


And now the challenge we all share is to devise mechanisms to cope with the aftermath.

We’ve all undergone fundamental lifestyle changes that are out of our control and affect the most intimate aspects of our lives. The one that unequivocally is as intimate as it can be is our home. Our patterns of co-habitation, our own relationship with the place we call home has cataclysmically changed.

In order to make it better, we first need to understand what is it that we need. Once we know that, we can shape our homes in such way as to satisfy that need.

What I am doing now in my design practice is different in that I address the rooms with inherent happiness. You need to have some happiness in order for you to feel welcomed, safe, pleasant and relaxed.
Creating an environment that is conducive to better emotions can pose fantastic advantages to helping your brain plasticity and implicitly, a better, longer life.
Use the time and energy you have now, under lockdown, to make a better space for yourself.  Mind and body alike, need nourishing and care.

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