Rental buildings make a move toward upscaled corridors

Let’s face it, in this city you can own less and less for more and more. Rentals are a viable option for many and if you choose to rent, you still want to live well, get access to where you need to go and live the life that you want to live.

That generally means comfortable, pleasant, clean, safe and since recently, with all the microbial surfaces around you sanitized and purified to the maximum.


Recent surveys reveal a surge in long time rentals specifically in the condos that were once occupied by the oh! so famous Airbnb fast-comers. In and out of a condo, flapping their wings in destinations galore, the airbnb crowd, that I’m proud to be part of occasionally, has fled the buildings and stays put, at home. Like all of us.
Image courtesy of Dochia interior design photography by Chris Harrison

This has opened up the condo market to longer term rentals, making the longer term rental buildings … well.. obsolete.

Unless, of course, they keep up with the times and upgrade. Many of them do and in Toronto we certainly are seeing this happening more and more.

Here is a fabulous one that we’ve recently completed in the West end. There is no better spot. Access to everything, large units, peaceful residential neighbourhood on the cusp of Roncesvalles and the edge of trendy and all-happening King Street W.

The before photo gives you a glimpse of how things were and makes the transformation a Cinderella story.

Image courtesy of Dochia interior design photography by Chris Harrison

So we “painted” bright in bold coloured carpet and intriguing wall covering and mosaic combinations. As you can see, we’re masters at making things that seemingly clash come together with verve, youth and aplomb.

I say, why be shy when you can be bold.
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