MAKEUP PART 2 // The vanity zone of your dreams: What you need and where to get it

Since all of you have online-shopping time on your hand,  I will show you here what to order and from where to get all you need for the perfect vanity.

Good light is probably the most important. There are a lot of great options out there and this is where the bathroom light above your sink will not compete with the fantastic and affordable alternatives.

Without splurging, head to Wayfair and get a makeup mirror that has at least 2 if not 3 colour settings: use the bluish light for daytime makeup and the warmer tones for night time.

Photo courtesy of Romina Farias Shahfty // Unsplash

FUN FACT! The sunlight is blue! What that means is that as light travels from the sun to earth, it hits tiny molecules of mostly oxygen and nitrogen dissipating the blue spectrum into the atmosphere and hence, making the sky appear blue and you with it! As a result, your makeup will appear more natural in the daytime if you apply it under blue light.

Photo courtesy of Anty Mutzii // Unsplash

You can have the best vanity set up in the world, if you don’t get the goods, you will not succeed and, chances are, mess up your face in the process. Spend the money on a few choices, but good ones. You’ve got one face to last you the whole life.. trust me.. I did not think this way before I turned 40 and now, heading toward ’50s this is really pushing to the foreground..


Photo courtesy of Alysa Bajenaru // Unsplash

Some of my favourite brushes – because of the softness of the hair and the density of the brush:

Sephora house brand


Don’t be scared of the prices. Like with anything else, if you spend the money and you take care of them, you will have them for years. Cheap brushes will give you bad makeup, deform in no time and you will need to spend three times more money by replacing them over and over within a comparable timeframe.

Built-in and Interiors by Dochia Interior Design

That means having a good surface and easy to access drawers. For my clients, I often suggest a built-in as opposed to a purchased desk as it lends itself much better to customization. Vanities and mudrooms are the two areas in the home where practicality trumps aesthetics although as you can see – you can have both! In the vanity above I’ve opted for hidden drawers where the ArtDeco, sculptural shape of the vanity conceals its functionality.
Built-in and Interiors by Dochia Interior Design

Coming up in 2021:
MAKEUP PART 3 // Get the look: from Marie Antoinette and Hollywood glam to shabby-chic lockdown make-up


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