MAKEUP PART 1 // Did you know that most women do not have a perfect makeup table?

For most women, make-shift is the word of the day when it comes to vanity tables and that’s just not ok. Sure, you don’t need much but the thing about applying makeup is that if you actually have a great setup for it, it’s just so much more pleasant to do it and you’re more likely to do a better job.

Our sense of self is closely tied to our surroundings. The personal importance of good interiors has been extensively studied and now we know that in a better setting we perform better.

Image courtesy of Omar Lopez


By this research, if you don’t have a great vanity table setup, you’re basically looking worst than you could.

When I put it this way, do you still think you don’t need a great make-up area?

It’s like going to the nail salon that you like versus the one that you don’t. Or having the bad luck of getting the hairdresser that just does not get you, nor your hair.

Image courtesy of Jazmin Quaynor

Sure, you can lean over your sink, standing on your feet, surrounded by the steam from the freshly taken shower while digging for a lipstick or a brush in the overcrowded medicine cabinet, but if that’s the case, more often than not, you go for what you find rather than for what you want.

Built-in Makeup table design by Dochia Interior Design // Image courtesy of Chris Harrison

Historically speaking, the bathroom vanity and the make-up table have conjoining beginnings. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how, over the years, customs and habits, living standards and the makeup products themselves have shaped and split the two. (as I research now, will share my findings later).

Image courtesy of Joshua Rondeau

With the New Year approaching in this strange time of our lives, what we can still do is look our best as the time turns. Next week, I’ll share my 2 cents on how to set up for your make-up success.
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