How did the 24-hour day become never enough and what to do about it

The moment the day goes from 24 hours to 30 I’ll be the first to bank on it!  An hour has 60 minutes. A day has 1,440 minutes. What we need is a clock that gains a minute every 4 minutes. Bang! 6 hours extra every day.  And then:

Will we actually do more, feel more useful, be more fulfilled?

There is nothing more frustrating than to always run behind on your “to do” list. Most people, especially in December, feel tremendous pressure to finishing things up and wrapping everything nice and tidy before the year turns. Everything gets blurry and focus disappears together with restful nights and happy days.
Storyblocks // People in a rush

I don’t have all the answers but what would you do with your extra six hours if you had them?

Oliver Burkman credits our incapability to live less busy lives to our lack of proper time management. He claims that this directly stems from the bad judgement we generate, exactly because we are too busy.
Photo courtesy of Dan Freeman // Bangkok, Thailand

Even the feeling of busyness, psychologists tell us, make you busier as we are on a spiralling rollercoaster that will never hit the ground.
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Having a minimalist home is almost essential in this day and age. I don’t necessarily mean stylistically, but rather in what home maintenance is concerned. Less stuff is step number one: do not have anything you don’t need.  Fewer needs, that’s number two. Well… this one I don’t have to tell you it’s harder to achieve.

So why not, instead, be more efficient and sufficient. Will efficiency and speed be the key to a better life?

Ask yourself: When broken down to minutes, what is it that you can accomplish in five minutes that you cannot accomplish in four?

Can we gain our own minutes? Time will tell. Oh yeah! What time, I have no time!
Storyblocks // Young couple

If you have any good tips on how to gain the seemingly lost time please, leave them in the comments below!

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