Shop ’till you drop for Christmas stocking stuffers and the like

Yep, like that’s going to happen… But please, don’t despair, always a way to get what you want. And what is it you want this year? Probably something to take your mind off the numerous, and likely lingering, limitations on vacation plans. With home as your 2020 universe, I say take the time to accessorize it with beautiful things. Even the smallest pieces can make a big difference if they are well chosen.


Here are my favourite picks for this season, in no particular order. All, however, good for the mood, the minimal guests, if any, and to casually sprinkle all around the house without a particular purpose or direction. Which is in itself, good for the heart!


(Makers of Waxed Goods)
Absolutely fabulous. The scent is strong and it actually infused the room when is burning. They also have an about 3/4” wide wood whisk instead of a rope burins that makes a crackling sound when burning – it’s a very nice mini-fire sound to go with the scent.
Whiskey scent is my favourite


Our very own GTA soaps and scents maker. A fantastic little manufacturer and seller, no middle-man. I’ve been absolutely taken with them since I first tried one of their oils bought in the quaintest shop in Niagara on the Lake that with sadness, I heard it had to close.. The Charcoal and sage scent is stunning.


Well, this is one of those that once you tried them, you can’t go back to anything else. I’ve entered a shop in Brussels, with walls filled with unpackaged soaps, colour-coded,


What’s there not to like – this cute kitchen towel is an eye-catcher!


One of the finest glassmakers, a lot of history, perfect execution, beautiful designs. The drinks just taste better.


Catch-all white lacquer tray
Always a must, always great finds on Wayfair
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