Retrospective 2020: A look the top 12 stories that made my year

📽📌There is no countdown to the new year if you don’t tally up the old year!✓
There is incredible satisfaction in gratitude, especially the kind of gratitude one feels for things well done. It is not a polished gem that sparkles in your face, that you see at every turn or carry proudly in your heart. It is not an immediate satisfaction but one for which you need to carve out time to explore and nourish. You have to dig for it deep and make sure you give it your full attention, understand what you’ve done, stop complaining about what you did not or wish you had, and indulge yourself in feeling gratitude for the universe at large allowing you to be yourself and for you, moving all the wheels to make it happen.

Image by Laura Chouette through Unsplash


Backyard magic

This needs to be a post on its own but boy, I never knew you can spend so much time in your backyard in one summer. With the coming of winter, I feel that I use half my house only while the other half, the outdoor, disappeared!


Image by My 2 centson design


Online shopping

I don’t think I’ve ever shopped so much online ever before. And I did shop online a lot!

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#10 years of success

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You hear that a lot. From the struggle of staying afloat to learning how to manage workload, time, staff and clients.
This year I’ve learned that all you really need is not worry too much if you do the wrong thing. Worrying over the past pulls you back and you forget to move forward.

And the only thing there is in business is forward.

Courtesy of Dochia interior design photographed by Peter Sellar


Welcome to the movies!

It’s so exciting being a beginner again at something. Maybe I’m one of those people that are forever students but I find learning extremely rewarding. I am at a point in my career where what I know is more than what I don’t know. It feels thrilling and young to indulge in learning something that I do not know enough about.

Faced with all this time on my hand, I turned, or returned, to learn more and all about video making.  It’s just the beginning, not yet bearing much fruit and yes, there will be professional help but, I’m happy to say that I’ve learned a LOT! since this spring.  Stay tuned to see what I’ve made with it all and you tell me, if it was worth it!

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Oh, how I love it!


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Took up gardening

What a fascinating world, that of gardening. Between the exultation of beautiful blooms and the fight against pests, there is a lot more drama in gardening than ever thought!

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The things un-done

This year there are many. Among the ones that I regret not doing most is the trip to the Grand Canyons – was so much looking forward to it.

Image by Mike Swigunski through Unsplash


My saviour is Creativity

This was my emotional support and it still is. I miss people, I miss many things I used to do but really, I do well on my own and I’m so grateful that I like filling my time with so many interesting things. Are they interesting to you? Maybe not, but they are interesting to me, and that’s what matters. Being self-sufficient is one of the best things for your mental health. My self-sufficiency is tied to my capacity to get gratification out of what my own mind imagines. This is real power.

Photographed here with my design ‘Transparencies’ Screen door – variations available  through Dochia interior design
Image by Olivia Fedele Film


So pleased

Work is not everything but it is important. It is most important for those who cherish what they do. My favourite designed furniture completed this year, a relatively small, perfectly proportioned, super-practical and elegant front hall console. Very proud of it!

Courtesy of Dochia interior design photographed by Peter Sellar



What a blast. This city is to reckon with. Art, architecture, history, beauty, food and most of all, the people. People everywhere, crowds flowing like rivers of laughter, talk, children crying, colourful gesticulating hands up in the air, the rush of life on every street and in every corner. A city like no other, Barcelona, for me, is a place to always return to. Will be there again, soon enough..

Image by My 2 cents on design


the little things

And a million ways of dining at home

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What do I want? What do I have? Where do I want to live? Who do I want close? Who do I want far? and so many more..

Even though not all answered, we all should learn to ask the questions bluntly

Image by Laura Chouette through Unsplash

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