Welcome to my house!

This is the place where I live now. Where I have all my belongings, where I sleep and eat, keep my family safe, bring friends over, make love, laugh, cry, and heal when sick. It is the place where I shape and reshape my mind every day, as I grow older – and smarter, or so we all hope! 😄… It is simple, non-pretentious and enjoyable. It is the place that happy butterflies and colourful birds choose as their habitat, it is the place that I bond with.

Much has been said about bonds between people. Serious studies explain how secure attachments in adulthood support self-confidence and personal growth and even more studies revolve around childhood attachments and their life-long repercussions. 

And with that, not enough I find, is being said about attachments to your home. Yet I believe that being in symbiosis with your home, can be as strong as having a third parent.

Small, large, intense or simply boring, all the interactions we have with or within our homes are more important than we give them credit for. Learning how to form a bond with your home can be an extremely fulfilling and positive experience. Even if you move every five years like some clients of mine!

So I embark on a path of sharing and add a small piece to the conversation by exploring my own relationship with my house. 

From home improvement projects to morning coffees and happy-hour drinks, from best surface cleaners to shopping for just the right stuff, from achieving peacefulness and relaxation to being proud to have guests over, come back form monthly articles and watch the Instagram feed for weekly-or-so mini-posts of this and that around my house.

Enjoy and share your thoughts with me!

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