Fifteen minutes of domestic pleasure

This is an ode to the Everyday, the normal day, the one that tends to get ignored, the one that you want past while you reach the special ones faster, that day, that ordinary one that fills most of your life, the one that should get the most attention but frequently it does not.
We often compulsively long for the holiday, the weekend, a special birthday, concert, wedding. The larger events of our lives incontestably take centre-stage and rightfully so. But they should not do that at the expense of others.

There are so many ways to make every day a well-lived day. I believe it is more important to give your attention to the Everyday than to any other day.

It does not need to all be full of accomplishments, that would be too exhausting and needless to say, unsustainable long term. But try this: give yourself into little pleasures in your home, a bit at a time.
Something as simple as your meal served with Gusto can make a difference. Set your table more festive, use different bowls and table settings and mix the ingredients on your plate as if they were your art school project or a mini-spectacle.

Indulging in setting up one of the oldest and healthiest rituals of a home can give immense pleasure to one’s day. The setup of the meal is added to the cooking. Much like when you go out to a great restaurant, meal-time is a complete experience and as such, many details contribute to it.

Image courtesy of Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

Get everyone ready and share your work, let your family enjoy and take in this elevated pleasure of eating together.
It is not just a meal, it’s a culture that can be individualized and cherished in your own way.

Stay tuned for more home habit tips that enhance your domestic life!

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