When busy is just too busy

Some say in life, balance is everything. Be busy but not so busy, work, but also play; mix pleasure with responsibilities; do your chores and have your fun too. As simple as this sounds, balancing life is no small task. In fact, more people are struggling with it than not.
Gaining and maintaining such control takes a lot of choreographing and some of it starts with your immediate environment. Your home has the power to induce just the right mood, comfort and joy. These are the ingredients for a perfect health concoction needed daily for a healthy body and mind.
Nourishing your immediate physical environment is important to health in ways that are yet to be further explored in order to be better understood and maximized. We are the indoor generation and we have much more control over it than we exert.
In the meantime, however, we are bombarded with further distractions, making ourselves even busier.
Technology tries to help with apps that keep you on top of all your needs but while there are some gems out there, most fail at the very core: claiming to save you time, they need your time to maintain and constantly update them.
Assistants .. well.. not everyone can afford them.
It has been shown that busyness is a strong stress factor that can affect the quality of life. Yet as a society, we value busyness to a point where it’s a sign of status. If you’re overly busy it is assumed that you have an important purpose, often associated with some financial gain, that your expertise or time is needed by others.
But consider this: Surrounding ourselves with things to value, experience and collect, we fill that plate ourselves.
The more you have, the more you need to take care of. That applies to goods, friends, jobs, interests, everything. Taking care of things can in many ways be pleasing, like in the case of maintaining your friendships.
For strongly motivated individuals the risk of becoming too busy to live is highest. Such individuals always push for the next thing and while the chase and win are always enjoyable, the ones that are truly successful are the ones that can break and refuel.
photo courtesy of dochia

If you spend all your time maintaining the things you have or cherish and fail to maintain yourself you’re no more than a servant to the whims of others. This is the time to kick back and relax. A well-designed home allows you the pleasure of doing this every day. And that is a good start!

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