Decorate your home not your house

Smart buys are not cheap buys, they are buys that make sense. Here is what makes sense to buy or not to buy for a home:
Buy things that serve you 
Do not buy something that you will never use. And by that, I also mean enjoy to look at. Decorative objects have value similar to art in a way. The enjoyment of their presence in your environment is an actual use and an important one at that.
Do not underestimate the power of comfort
With the thousands of options out there, couches, armchairs, dining room chairs and beds all need to be comfortable to your own level of comfort. There is no such thing that you can’t afford a comfortable seat – they exist in any budget.
Buy art that you like
You will be looking at it every day. You can change it every few years but, make sure you have at least a couple of pieces that you don’t want to do that with. It’s good for the soul.
Do not buy anything breakable that you are not prepared to part with…
unless it is inherited. 
And those, watch dearly. There is a strong chance something will happen if you don’t take any possible preventative measure you can think of.
Buy things that you can afford to maintain but do not become a slave to the no-maintenance mantra. It does not exist. 
Everything you will own will have a maintenance requirement. Think of the fact that even you, go to the doctor, the dentist, the this, the that. Your car needs servicing, your house needs repairs, your clothes need washing and mending. Things are the way they are and nothing is indestructible.
Often, some of the more delicate items are the ones that are most enjoyable. Don’t deprive yourself of that. Think about it: would you pick the vase that you do not like but is unbreakable and let go of the vase that you like? Most likely you will consider buying the one you want and properly protect it and use it with care, rather than get one that you will never use – because you do not like it. When applied to such an obvious scenario this seems so common sense.
And yet, there is a trend that claims that no maintenance items are the best. This is a fabricated trend that does not relate to what most people actually want even if they say they want this. When faced with selecting, maintenance is rarely the governing criteria.
There is not one fits all low maintenance definition otherwise we will all be living in Russian tanks. Houses are so much more than that and they become our homes when we do give them our love and attention.

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