Forecasting the Five home reno trends of 2019

This is for the confident and relaxed citizen of 2019. There is no better time than January to plan your next home Reno. If you’re in the mood for a refresh, here are the five NOT budget-friendly trends to watch for; splurge on one you can afford and if you can do more than one, consider yourself lucky and enjoy it! Don’t waste your opportunity, you never know what you’re missing until it’s too late. And don’t do it all yourself, get a designer to turn your dreams into reality. Keep in mind… Excellent design costs as much to build as mediocre design.
5. The garden getaway

There has never been such a resurgence to homegrown herbs and plants since the times when it was the norm. As we get back into it, be it with a full-fledged herb garden, or a few home-grown plants or even with the ready-potted basil from your local grocery store that will supposedly last a few weeks which, I must say, must be true for others for I was never able to reach that, we want to enjoy it. So we build our secret spot to show to friends, to share with family, to enjoy on our own.

4. Perfect personal space, the private nook

Inside the home, nothing like the perfect nook space for you, yourself and your thoughts. To some, it is a desk, to some a long reclining chair. All share the pleasure of having space only for yourself.  You’re in control, build it and bond with it!

3. Confidence-building Closets
The clothes just look better if stored better and you feel better wearing them. Think of Holt Renfrew and their displays or any other high-end fashion store. You’re almost not looking at the clothes, but space. You walk through some of these stores thinking you’re walking through what could be your personal closet. Wait no more!
Few things are more satisfying than organizing your closet space. Make it easy for yourself and gift yourself with the best your money can buy. Closets work like computer filing systems with a cherry on top. Meaning, they need to be super strict with the concept: a place for everything and everything in its place, however, allow yourself the added play of colour and the retail-like display for a glam effect. One way to do it is to put those shoes to good use while not worn, showcasing them for the everyday.
2. Spa-relaxing Bathrooms 
A bathroom is not just a bathroom anymore. It is an experience in rebuilding your stamina, psyche and overall wellbeing. Indulge in a sensorial environment that is a purifier for mind and body.
1. In-home social lounge areas
Kitchens will still be the number one reno however, lounge areas are on the rise. Even if they do incorporate kitchens, they will feel more like private member clubs, curated interiors that display high-quality art, indulge in comfortable and luxurious furniture and leave things intentionally scattered to spark conversation. As kitchens move toward a more furniture-like look, the lounge/living room entertainment areas will join the spotlight.
Welcome to the club!
Photography: Chris Harrison

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