Best city stroll food – pancakes delight

From lively sidewalks to boutique shopping downtown city centers around the globe have many resemblances. Urban life thrives on similarlies done slightly different in various corners of the world.
Photo by Ash from Pexels
Nowadays one can travel from Paris to Kamchatka, from the South to the North Pole, from civilized city centres to equatorial jungle. Among the abounding possibilities, city travel remains a top priority for most vacations, long and short.
It is almost impossible not to get hungry when walking and it is not because of the exercise. Getting hungry while exploring on foot is a progressive experience that starts with scents of delicious food making their way out of restaurants and corner cafes.
One scent that you can never miss is that of sugar. When coming from a pancake house, it is one of the most thrilling aromas to follow to the source.
In Vancouver make sure to check out Yolks 
In Sydney the 24 hour Pancakes on the Rocks in the old town sells Cinnamon Swirls and fluffy chocolate Devil’s Delight.
In Toronto I can’t wait to try the famous ones at Mildred’s temple kitchen. Their blueberry buttermilk pancakes are a staple in Liberty Village.

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